Been working like crazy trying to finish getting this site fully functional. The PayPal software is great and very convenient, but not the easiest thing to set up while in Japan. Crossing my fingers that I got it set up correctly this time :)

And here we go!

I leave July 13th. Like for REAL!! Wow, this is pretty awesome. I have been really busy trying to get some last-minute stuff done around the house. I’m afraid I’m going to be leaving a decent amount of work for my brother, Mike, and probably Trevor :)

I am blessed by all the calls, well-wishes, donations, and promises of prayer by so many friends and loved ones. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!! Special shout-out to my mo for believing in me for sooooooooo long ;)

Is the day finally approaching?

It seems like the reality of getting to Japan is imminent and only a few dollars separate me from my ticket. I have had very little traffic on this site so far and hope that might increase as my mission work unfolds in Japan, but maybe if even for myself I will continue to work on this blog and keep it up-to-date. Thanks to all of you who are praying for and supporting me. I truly can not do this without you. God bless you all!


I am heading to Japan! Specific dates to come, but it has been a long road that I made longer due to my insistence that God do it MY way. I gave up. Really. And God took the opportunity to work His will since I was no longer in the way. Yay God! Details and dates soon to follow, but I am planning on leaving sometime between mid-June and early July.


Time flies when you move so slowly towards reaching your goal, right? I spent some time on the Cape in Massachusetts during the month of February and recently returned to the Cape to pick up my aunt and her cat and drive them both back down to Tennessee so she could visit her sister (my mom) for a while.
Although progress seems to be so slow, I have always been a believer in the idea that God’s timing, though rarely early, is never late (even if I don’t understand it). I want to be in Japan YESTERDAY! But…during this time I have really grown in my understanding of different things. And (don’t laugh, you who know me) I am becoming even more gentle and compassionate in my approach to the unsaved and hurting. Who knows…maybe I’ll make a good minister yet! :)

Thanks for checking in on my site.

Well, I finally got a website up and just have to finish setting it up now and then start letting everyone know that it exists and is operational :)

My goal is to leave for Japan by June 16, 2012. If this is going to happen, there is going to have to be a whole lot of God and a bushel of obedience on my part. If you do reach this site and read this, please pray for me and my mission.

Take care and God bless!

His servant,